XTR FIREBOLT shifter: seamless control and instant response. The new, easy-to-use XTR Di2 FIREBOLT shifters make shifting a simple rider reflex and deliver customizable ergonomics that improve bike control. Shimano’s FIREBOLT customizable shift button placement is determined entirely by human ergonomics, not by the needs of a mechanical mechanism. FIREBOLT shift levers are now exactly where thumbs naturally rest, allowing riders to put more grip on the handlebar and control the ride with more confidence – especially in rough conditions.
  • pretty_bullet.png Shift Lever XTR Di2
  • pretty_bullet.png Individual: choose right or left
  • pretty_bullet.png Customizable synchronized front and rear shifting via a single FIREBOLT shifter
  • pretty_bullet.png Optional manual control (requires both shifters)
  • pretty_bullet.png New ergonomic rotary shift lever design matches natural hand movement
  • pretty_bullet.png Independent lever position adjustment
  • pretty_bullet.png Short stroke, perfect click levers provide faster, more accurate shifting
  • pretty_bullet.png Increased trail readiness thanks to decreased shift effort and superior ergonomics
  • pretty_bullet.png Programmable, multi-shift and Shimano Synchronized shift functions, including control of Fox Racing Shox suspension components