Advanced DH race-proven ergonomics in the new SL-M820 10-speed shifter include longer levers and textured paddles running on dual sealed bearings that contribute to a smoother less effort shift.
  • pretty_bullet.png Low effort longer lever
  • pretty_bullet.png Low friction Multi bearing
  • pretty_bullet.png DH race roven antiskid ergonomics
  • pretty_bullet.png Vivid index feeling
  • pretty_bullet.png INSTANT RELEASE
  • pretty_bullet.png MULTI RELEASE
  • pretty_bullet.png 2-WAY RELEASE
  • pretty_bullet.png MTB 10-speed right side only

Product Specs

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Model Number SL-M820
Series SAINT
Shift Lever Type Rapidfire Plus
Rear speeds 10-speed SIS
Instant Release Yes
Multi Release Yes (pull:single, push:double)
Optical Gear Display No
Shift Cable Casing OT-SP41 sealed
Shift Cable Yes