With XTR M9050 Di2, front shifts require very little effort, with the swift tap of a button already at your fingertip. The digital control of Shimano’s front derailleur means that the exact same input is used for each and every shift, the definition of reliability. Computer controlled auto trim means that you can remain focused on the trail ahead. The FD-M9050 is also Shimano Synchronized Shift compatible, so if you choose, a single shifter can control both front and rear shifting, custom tuned to your preferences.
  • pretty_bullet.png More powerful shifting (+25% compared to M9000)
  • pretty_bullet.png Reliable gear changes under load
  • pretty_bullet.png Computer controlled auto trim
  • pretty_bullet.png Optimized Di2 cage profile and gear tracking
  • pretty_bullet.png Shimano Synchronized Shift compatible
  • pretty_bullet.png Manual control avaiable (2nd shifter required)
  • pretty_bullet.png System communication with rear derailleur
  • pretty_bullet.png Advantage in all conditions
  • pretty_bullet.png Modular mounting structure (adapters optonal)

Product Specs

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Model Number FD-M9050
Series XTR
Cassette Compatibility 11